Charles Robert Darwin and his Revolutionary Ideas

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Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Charles was one of six children and came from a long line of scientists. His grandfather, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, created the theory of evolution and his father, Dr. Robert Waring Darwin, was a well known medical doctor in his community. When Charles was 16, in 1825, his father sent him to Edinburgh University to study medicine, in hopes that Charles would also become a medical doctor. However, three years into his studies Charles left Edinburgh University for Christ’s College because he could not tolerate the blood during surgery. It is important to note that anesthesia was not used during this time. In 1831, six years after beginning his studies, Charles …show more content…
Along with joining several prestigious clubs and societies, Darwin received several awards and recognitions for his works in numerous fields. For instance, in 1864 he was honored with the Royal Society’s Copley Medal. Charles Darwin was influential and his theory on Natural Selection spurred societal change. Natural Selection, in society as a whole, turned into Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is based on the same principles as Natural Selection, in that only the ‘fit’ will survive in society. It was mainly used as means to propagate racism and classism, stating that individuals on the fringes of society must be there because they are literally an inferior subspecies of the human race. Darwin was also quite influential in the fields of: “geology, zoology, taxonomy, botany, paleontology, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, literature, and theology” ( Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection was so influential in these fields that it is called “the unifying theory of life sciences” because it helped others identify where all creatures on Earth might have come from and how they adapted to their environments; as well as, reasoning behind the small, notable differences in animals of the same species ( As mentioned previously, Darwin impacted the field of psychology. His Theory of Evolution by means of Natural Selection is now a
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