Charles Schaeffer And Friedrich Nietzsche Essay

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Introduction Born nearly 70 years apart from each other, Francis Schaeffer and Friedrich Nietzsche were two very important figures in creating the modern philosophy. Two different men that studied two different parts of philosophy. Because of their differences, most are unable to recognize their many similarities.Each of the men had the things they studied, but the basis of their theories were almost identical.
One of the commendable influential philosophers in the history of ideas and a gifted stylist in his native German, Friedrich Nietzsche undertook a radical re-evaluation of established ideas and critiqued moral values during his career. One of Nietzsche’s primary studies was on the problem of morality. However, he seems to contradict himself on the matter of values. Tansesi claims it is because of the different definitions of value - “values in a descriptive sense as that which is thought to be of value by an individual or by the members of a group, and values in a normative sense as that which is objectively of value” (652). Because of Nietzsche’s committed denial of any moral values, it would seem impossible to attribute him to him a commitment to the existence of any values in the normative sense (652). In Thus Spake Zarathustra, he claims that to value is to create, and that it is only through valuing that there is value. In the same section it is also claimed that men did not discover values, nor were they given by a god; rather, human beings
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