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In 1975, Charles Schwab revolutionized the brokerage industry with a different business philosophy - allowing individual investors to manage their assets and making transactions free from high costs and conflicts of traditional brokerage firms. Schwab was able to lead the investment wave of 90¡¦s by sticking to the customer centric principle and by adapting to the new technology faster.

However in the late 90¡¦s and early 2000¡¦s, Charles Schwab¡¦s brand was caught in an increasingly competitive and commoditized category, stuck between deep discount brokers and full service firms. The competition from the internet discount brokers like Ameritrade, E*trade etc cut into the market share and transaction fees, the company¡¦s
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Analysing Talk to Chuck ads

The first thing to notice about the Talk to Chuck advertisement was the medium ¡V animation. The ads were not exactly cartoons ¡V they were shot on film and then coloured over using the Rotoscopy technology from MIT Media Labs veteran Bob Sabiston (the same technology was used in the movie ¡§Waking Life¡¨). The animated ads succeeded in focusing people¡¦s attention to the conversations. Somehow the removal of the real-world details present in the live actor¡¦s face and retention of the actual background set, forced consumers move past what they were seeing and shifted their attention to the dialogue. The characters discussed about commissions, trades and plans for the future.

The second surprising choice was the new slogan, ¡§Talk to Chuck¡¨ ¡V not Charles, but Chuck. Even though Mr. Charles Schwab was not present in the ads, the campaign was centred on him. The Schwab campaign carried the theme ¡§Talk to Chuck¡¨ which appeared as an eye catching graphic device in the form of a dialogue balloon as would be found in a cartoon strip. Some liked the use of the name ¡§Chuck¡¨; some loved it; some hated it; but everybody noticed it. Overall it communicated a company that was comfortable to talk to, approachable and on your level.

From the 4 P¡¦s perspective

Product ¡V For

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