Charles Siebert 's An Elephant Crackup?

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Over the past few decades, relations between animals and humans have been modified drastically. From domesticated species’ to wildlife, it seems as though human interaction has taken a dramatic toll on the way animals’ function in the 21st century. Particularly, an account that focuses on this dramatic toll is that of Charles Siebert’s, an essayist whose observations bring a fascinating perspective to the correlation between wildlife habitat disruption and uninhibited human nature. Siebert’s essay for The New York Times Magazine, entitled, “An Elephant Crackup?” has raised many eyebrows over the past few years with regard to the destruction of a species that might suffer from something more than meets the eye. The author of this essay is aware of his audience, so respectively, the tone of his essay diverges into a new plane, a plane that is dreary and drab, yet in the same way, remains thought provoking and systematically contingent. Siebert doesn’t waste a second pushing his account across the table. New information is provided within each paragraph, which proves his use of systematic contingency. Charles Siebert, who is also responsible for writing “Wickerby: An Urban Pastoral” (1999), a tale that revolves around the surroundings and observations of Siebert, understands what it means to tie in environmental awareness with solution, and his solution is hidden within the text. Extinction is a topic that is commonly discussed when issues like this are brought up, however, a
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