Charles The Great : The King Of The Franks

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Charlemagne or known as Charles the Great was born during the beginning of 742 and Charles was considered to be born a bastard child. A bastard child is when any children that are born from parents that were not married and this was the very serious issue in history, but it is very common in today 's time. Charlemagne was the son of King Pippin; King Pippin III was crowned in 751 as the king of Franks. Without the actions of Charlemagne, the modern Western Europe might be different from what it is currently. Charlemagne was so popular and feared that his name even had power over the kingdom and his enemies, "Like a spell, his name conjures up the renaissance which the West experienced in the eighth and ninth centuries, after the barbarian devastations." (Twentieth Century Encyclopedia 1st ed, 10) Charlemagne became the King of Franks in 768. Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, King of the Franks, was a powerful ruler who faced many problems from an early age and also improved the Western Europe through his military might and with his interesting tactics. (Wilson 2006, XIV-27) Before Charlemagne could do anything to modify Western Europe, he first had to become the King of the Franks. Charlemagne did take over after the death of his father, but it still was long process until he was ready to be a king, the same goes for Charlemagne 's brother Carloman. Nobilities had different lives then from the regulars, around the age of six Charlemagne were being trained to be…
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