Charles: an Elder Interview About the Aging Process and Health Care

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After spending an afternoon interviewing my elderly father-in-law, I gained insight into how he perceives the aging process and the impact on the quality of his life. First, and foremost he viewed aging in a very positive and healthy manner. He believes that a positive attitude assists in accepting physical and psychosocial changes and enjoyed the fact that he and his wife are both physically fit and cognitively alert. He felt confident that advances made in health care and the quality of their lives would continue to be empowering. He enjoys the benefits of being a senior citizen including discounted travel, free education, and other incentives marketed towards seniors. He expressed a sense of well-being with respect to the numerous …show more content…
The amount of the deductibles and co-insurance amounts usually increase on an annual basis, although Congress may alter the formulas by which these amounts are changed (Spitzer-Resnick, 1987). SSI is part of the commitment that all Americans should be entitled to health care and a decent retirement after working for a lifetime (Marshall and Schram, 1993).
He is relieved to have access to the Medicare drug addition program. Although he feels strongly that the large pharmaceutical conglomerates of the world need to decrease the price of drugs. As a pharmaceutical company employee I informed him of the many programs available to help with the pharmaceutical cost of drugs. I do agree, the pharmaceutical companies need to continue working with those individuals in government, insurance companies and health care to provide access to affordable and novel compounds to all who need them. There are pharmacy and retailer prescription drug discount programs available. Discount drug cards are offered through chain pharmacies for a small monthly premium and provide discounts on a number of services, including prescription drugs. Individuals with a Part D plan may use a discount card, but the two drug programs operate independently of one another. Drug card discounts cannot be applied to Part

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