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CONTENT PAGE Content | Page | 1. INTRODUCTION a) Background information b) Retailing Industry | 3 | 2. ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION i. Market Segmentation ii. Marketing Strategies * Price, Promotion, Product, Place iii. SWOT analysis iv. Environmental scanning * Porter’s 5 competitive forces analysis | 4-6 | 3. REFLECTION | 6-7 | REFERENCES APPENDICES A. DBS Dialogues Tracks Charles & Keith 's Steps to Asia, Middle East and Europe B. Retail Sales Index, Food & Beverage Services Index (March 2012) C. The world is at his feet D. Singapore retail industry faces challenges ahead CHARLES AND KEITH INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND INFORMATION Charles and Keith is one of the many popular brands in…show more content…
In-store promotions will include year-end sales etc. Place: Charles & Keith currently have 24 outlets in Singapore and are located in shopping malls around the island. This will enable them to be able to reach out to their customers coming from different areas in Singapore without having to travel a long distance. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths- Brand Name: Charles & Keith has a positive brand image and it is recognized by its customers both locally and also internationally. They are also secured with plenty of stores locally and have also broken successfully into the overseas market. Charles & Keith has the perfect combination of affordability and design. Easy availability of funds: Charles & Keith was supported by DBS for the past 12 years. Therefore they are able to be bold in making decisions that are risky but good for their growth. Designs: They pay a huge attention to their designs as they understand that the female consumers look for that when purchasing products. This is why 3% of their annual income is focused on training the designers. Weaknesses- New-in-the-business: Charles & Keith are considered new in the business as compared to the other international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Guess etc. People tend to trust long established brands. Opportunities- Collaborations: Mr Charles Wong collaborates with the overseas partners to learn from

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