Charleston Lean Summary

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The class first started on the Earthquake tour at Randolph Hall, stop four. The photos that were shown in the app of Randolph were not large enough, and they did not show what the app was claiming, that the roof and windows were tilted due the ground sinking. Additionally, they should have included something about the subsidence of the ground, and the soil that causes this, as it would have been an excellent segway into the next stop that focuses some on the “Charleston Lean.”
Moving on the stop five, the Communication Museum, they did well to explain why brick buildings suffered more during the earthquake, but again nothing here told the audience what causes the “Charleston Lean” besides the obvious fact of the earthquake. The app should have gone into some details about the soil here, or if that was already explained in the last stop, give more information regarding the history of the Communication Museum, or as to how the wood being more flexible would have prevented massive amounts of damage.
Continuing on to Stop seven on King Street, the app discusses and attempts to show the earthquake bolts that run throughout the building at 273 and 276 King Street. They should focus on one of the buildings here though, possibly the one with earthquake bolts in it, and discuss how the earthquake bolts protect the building.
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The app does talk about how the market is now built on top of an old creek that was covered by artificial land and debris; additionally, it discusses liquefaction and the effects it has on Charleston buildings. However, the app should have discussed this earlier as many other buildings were built on marsh land, or had their soil filled with artificial land and debris. Furthermore, the app should have discussed another hazard that accompanied the devastation of the earthquake: the fires that were caused by the gas lamps outside of almost every house of the time
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