Charlie Beacchi Research Paper

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I was born on May 23, 2001 at home in Kaua’ula on Maui, Hawaii. My mother’s name is Katie Bertacchi and my father’s name is Charlie Palakiko. I am Hawaiian, Italian, Native American, Filipino, Chekloslovocian, and English. I have one brother, Iliao, who is thirteen years old. I was raised in the Hawaiian community, culture, and language which has definitely impacted my life in more ways than one.
I was raised in a family who is constantly travelling. I am very fortunate to have lived and travelled around most of the world. I have been to Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Tanzania, Canada and many places within the United States. I did not attend school till the first grade due to the fact
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