Charlie Bradley's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is about six of the worst children in the history of the world, they include Gladys, Claude, Imogene, Leroy, Ollie and Ralph Herdman. Mainly, because they lie; steal, smoke cigars, talk dirty, hit little kids, cuss at teachers, and take the name of the Lord in vain. A small town is turned upside down when the Herdman decide they want to take part in the annual Christmas pageant. According, to Charlie Bradley the best thing about Sunday school is that there are no Herdman there. When Helen Armstrong gets tangle up in the long telephone cord she has, she falls down some stairs and break her leg. As a result, the town gossips get on the phone and start to rumor all sorts of things about what happen, eventually asking Grace to fill in for Mrs. Armstrong in the Christmas pageant a challenge she accepts. Thus, she had no idea that the Herdman would be involved until Charlie caught Leroy stealing his dessert from his lunchbox again. Since Leroy loves sweets he invited him to come to church where he can have all the sweet he like. However, when Leroy come to church, he doesn’t come along, he bring the family with him, and it seem as if the whole family love dessert. While the offering plate is being passed around the Herdman sit quietly in the rear, only to clean out the offering plate,…show more content…
Imogene want to know what it is. What is the pageant and what is it about? Whereas, Alice has been Mary in the past, Imogene want to be Mary. Thereby, she corner her in the bathroom and let her know that things are about to change, Imogene has her sight on Mary and the transformation is remarkable. When she see a picture of Mary and the baby Jesus, and the love the mother Mary shows for her baby, Imogene is brought to tears. Perhaps, it is the love that she wanted all of her
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