Charlie Character Analysis

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In the beginning of the movie we see an easygoing man playing with children. It soon becomes obvious that Charly Gordon's level of intelligence is below average. However, this does not prohibit him from renting a room, keeping a job, making friends, and attending night classes. His appearance is always nice and he never appears homeless or unclean. When he is at work Charly only plays along with the pranks his coworkers design for him. Before the operation we only see Charly display a few emotions such as happiness and sadness. Even when he feels unintelligent or is being picked on he employs a good attitude and does not become angry. Before the surgery Charly enjoys spending time with Ms. Kinnian and likes her but does not act on his romantic intentions. Charly is easily manipulated by the people he works with but only wishes that he was smart enough to understand them and their games. When Ms. Kinnian tells Charly that he will receive the operation he is extremely excited and does not hesitate or show any concerns. After the surgery Charly does not see the affects right away and it is very disappointing. This is the first time we see Charly have an outburst of anger and he leaves the testing center. Slowly, Charly starts to see his intelligence improving, he beats Algernon through the maze and soon can write and spell…show more content…
Kinnian. I personally believe this would of never occurred before his operation because Charly didn't know to want or expect anything else from her. After she rejects him, Charly goes through a rebellious phase by purchasing a motorcycle and partying. When Ms. Kinnian comes back to him, Charly starts to act more emotionally mature and responsible. At the ceremony Charly displays his intelligence by proving the scientists wrong. Afterward he is even capable of helping in the research of his own destiny and creating a scientific
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