Charlie Company Blame

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On the 16th of March 1968 approximately 120 American soldiers known as Charlie Company raided the village of My Lai after being told to get revenge for their losses by killing the Viet Cong and its sympathisers located in the village. The men were told that the innocent people had left to go to market and that only the enemy remained within the village. Lieutenant Colonel Barker ordered the commander of Charlie Company, Captain Medina to burn the houses, kill the livestock, and destroy crops. Around 300-400 Vietnamese villagers were murdered none of them could be confirmed as Viet Cong soldiers. The soldiers within Charlie Company hadn’t received full training, they lacked knowledge in how to separate communist Viet Cong soldiers from regular…show more content…
Although many of the men were inexperienced in the battlefield and were traumatised that doesn’t excuse what they done. The senior members of military also have to accept some blame as they gave the orders and more importantly allowed the massacre to happen. However I leave the majority of the blame on the shoulders of the men in Charlie Company, nothing can excuse the deaths of innocent children and elderly nor the amount of rape reported. The villagers of My Lai deserve justice and peace, they were treated like animals in a slaughter house, after the initial raid a platoon was deployed to conduct a mop-up operation, which meant killing any of the victims who were still moving amongst the piles of dead. The villages were then burned to the ground. The men of Charlie Company carried out the action, although the orders had come from high above, and refused to hold responsibility. In November of 1970, the US Army began court-martial proceedings against 14 officers charged with participating in or covering up the My Lai Massacre. In the end, only Lt. William Calley was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for premeditated murder. Calley would serve only four and a half months in military
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