Charlie Gordan

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Charlie Gordan was a 37 year old hardworking man with an I.Q of 67% ,He had everything he needed, a job ,a roof over his head but there was one thing he didn’t have. Intelligence. All Charlie ever wanted was to be smart and his dream came true. From cleaning toilets to being part of an important human experiment. Charlie did not have the ability to look beyond himself for example when Charlie was given the Rosarch test. A test where they spilled inkblots on paper and fold it in half which would usually tell what mental state your in. Ethics are standards of right and wrong that hint what people should do or should supposed to be doing for example obligations (Siegler).
Charlie Gordon's doctors acted ethically when they preformed
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The operation made him not only intelligent but it taught him how to be aware of his surroundings for the first time.Charlie realized how stupid he used to look and that people laughed at him not with him. It made his dream come true. Many people argue that Charlie Gordons doctors did not act ethically when they preformed his surgery, In some cases I would have to agree. However, Charlies doctors helped Charlie in a huge way by helping him find out who he really is and how people actually see him as (Dobrin).
The doctors did not plan ahead and it did not work forever and it only lasted a short period of time. The effects killed Algernon as well as he started getting dumber and not wanting to eat. Charlie's intelligence stated waring off and he became dumb again as he could see his progress reports did not make sense anymore and the grammar and spelling changed. While it is true the doctors had made some mistakes Charlie actually got to experience life while being smart he gained a lot of it and so did the doctors .Charlie Gordons doctors acted ethically when they preformed the surgery to make him intelligent
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