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Charlie Chaplain is one of the most famous actors in history because of his role in the film industry. What started out in black and white, with no sound and only 3 or 4 actors working from one set has evolved into a worldwide business that entertains billions of people using computer generated images, sets in exotic locations, hundreds of actors, orchestral background tracks and many other components. How did we get from a simple point A to such an incredible point B? The simplest way of putting it would be supply-and-demand. Originally, films were only a few minutes long, and were shown only in storefronts or in traveling circus presentations. They were marveled at, yes, but their use as a form of entertainment was limited and not considered, until on April 14, 1894 in New York City, the Holland brothers showed short films to the public in their arcade, using two rows of kinetoscopes. This started a country-wide fad, and the idea of showing movies gained speed. The film industry began to grow, until the 1920's, when it truly became an industry and movie theaters showing double-features had become common to most towns. This is when Hollywood studios began gaining ground as the place to be for actors, directors, writers, and anyone who was anyone in the film world. In the minds of the average American, Hollywood conjured up images of glamour and sophistication, of movie stars and lazily drifting smoke and reels of film flickering in a dark room. Hollywood; another world in of itself.
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As the need for entertainment grows, so does the vice of stardom. We have seen the wreck some stars have made of their lives, addicted to the attention Hollywood brings. And from it came also such classics as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, and Juno. One thing is for certain; Hollywood studios is the name that carried the movie industry from the drawing board to a the big
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