Charlie Parra Mr Mooney American Lit 06 February 2017 Charlie

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Charlie Parra Mr Mooney American lit 06 February 2017 Charlie is a 15-year-old boy who is starting his freshman year of high school and already feels alone. Because charlie is so shy and withdrawn there is nobody he can really talk to about his problems and fears about going to high school. Charlie has a sister but throughout the book we see she is preoccupied with her boyfriend, his older brother is in college and he is scared to speak to his parents because he doesn’t want to worry them ' 'I probably won’t tell them the truth because I don 't want them to worry that I might get bad again ' ' ( Chbosky 17). Throughout the book, he writes letters to a “friend” unknown by the readers, and he uses these letters as an outlet to express his…show more content…
His frustration grows after his friends start heading off to college and has a constant stressor from all the flashbacks he’s having, believing that he himself killed his Aunt. Charlie was close to his aunt as a child and it is obvious that aunt Helen was playing favoritism when it came to charlie. Aunt Helen gave him a special attention and she was kind to him, she told him that she understood him and he was special but this in a way was a ruse. Charlie repressed his memories of aunt Helen 's sexual assault but started realizing eventually, Charlie has a mental breakdown during his first sexual encounter with Sam and the realization of his past comes flooding in after she touched his leg similar to the way his aunt Helen did to him. He was sexually assaulted by his aunt and he tried forgot all of this and he tried to move on with his life but he saw memories that haunted him. This could be the possible reason and explanation as to why he said to her sister that he wished their aunt to die. Afterward, charlie is in a hospital after trying to commit suicide and must start accepting the truth to get past what happened. Charlie is often trying to please people and is always worried about how other people feel but never truly worries about himself, it could be that charlie is very caring but it is possible that charlie has had this way of thinking instilled in his mind: aunt help was very disturbed as charlie knew this and because of this he was constantly
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