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Charlie Wilson’s War is an exciting behind the scenes look of the United States covert activities during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Charlie Wilson, played by Tom Hanks, grieved that America did the noble thing in Afghanistan, but unfortunately messed up the endgame. This is a classic historic reenactment of how Charlie Wilson, a Washington insider and congressman from Texas, used CIA resources and government assets. He had a big attitude and illusive tactics. His actions helped fund the Mujahedeen to fight the Soviets in the 1980’s. The main political points demonstrated in this film were the large government oversight, corrupt politicians, and greed associated with power. These themes carry on and evolve throughout, as Charlie Wilson gets the CIA, with the help of Gust Avakotos, on board in the funding. They worked together to move more resources that were secretly bought from the Israelis and given to the Afghans to fight the Soviets. Charlie Wilson is a greedy alcoholic politician in the film, who thinks he is helping the Afghans by giving them weapons to fight their enemies instead of food, healthcare, and infrastructure development. His long-shared hate for Communism fueled his actions with the foreign affairs. He is naive when he goes along with his friend Joanne Herring’s friend, President of Pakistan, Zia. Zia took over the country of Pakistan in a military coupe replacing his predecessor with a trial and execution. Zia, like the Mujahedeen, used Charlie Wilson to get funding from the U.S. to fight their war. Another key factor of the political greed and corruption is the importance of oil as pointed out by Joanne Herring, who coincidentally gained her fortune from an oil and gas company in Houston, Texas. The Texas congressman Charlie Wilson, secretly heightened funding from $5 million to $1 billion to run out the Red Army from Afghanistan, a trigger to the collapse of the USSR.

The philosophical message in the movie was the U.S.’s role on the World stage during the Reagan and Bush administration. Afghanistan became the USSR’s Vietnam, all because of Charlie Wilson and the bravery of the Afghan fighters.
Today there is limited disbelief in Washington that the loss of

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