Charlie's Ecstasy: A Narrative Fiction

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After laying down a few more miles worth of rubber on the highway, Charlie eventually pulled the car over to the side of the road. With the sudden move to the shoulder, gravel and dirt could be heard tinging off the vehicle’s undercarriage while a cloud of dust billowed out from behind us in our wake. “Are we here?” our buddy Eric who was riding shotgun asked as a perplexed look took over his face. “Yep,” is all Charlie replied as he threw his Ford into park. “Where exactly are we?” I asked, looking around while slowly exiting the vehicle. “This is the middle of nowhere.” Charlie didn’t bother to answer me, he just said, “From here we’ll have to walk a little stretch, so help me get the stuff we’ll need out of the trunk.”…show more content…
Once the trunk lid came up, we peered inside the storage compartment and then Eric asked Charlie. “Is that camping gear?” “Why yes it is,” Charlie answered with a smirk. “You never said this was going to be an overnighter,” Erick complained. “I would have at least brought my sleeping bag and a
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