Charlotte: A Tale of Truth by Susana Rowsan

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Susana Rowsan’s novel of seduction Charlotte: A Tale of Truth tells the unfortunate story of a young English girl, seduced to America where she is later abandoned. Charlotte as an illegal immigrant of America possesses no political or economic rights and she is left all alone in this country where she was abducted by deception and force. Her misguided and manipulated sexual decisions are the reasons for her fall from grace which ultimately leads to her death. This sentimental novel takes a much more compassionate approach to connect with its readers than previous texts published in early American literature. The mix of suffering and sympathy throughout the novel manages to grab the readers’ attention and evokes deeper emotions towards the characters. Women in the novel are portrayed as being extremely vulnerable and the book somewhat acts as a warning to other women. The predominance of the male characters over the female characters is typical of the 18th century and is evidently reoccurring throughout the story. The majority of women during this time were not given the respect on making their own life decisions as they are today. As a result of this they were forced to rely on the men of their society to aid them with their needs. This book displays the roles and experiences women had to go through during this time. The first section of the novel repeatedly likens sex to a financial transaction. Montraville bribes Charlotte’s French teacher so he can see her again, while

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