Charlotte Bronte

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Charlotte Bronte was born on April 21, 1816 at Thornton in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Charlotte was the oldest daughter of six kids in the Bronte household. She helped raise her brother, Branwell, and her two sisters, Emily and Anne. As Charlotte and her sisters grew up they started to grow a very vivid and creative imagination. They would play in made up kingdoms and would write stories and poems based on their childhood adventures. These writings that she developed with her sisters were the start of her love and passion for writing. In Jane Eyre, Charlotte describes her life at home as she was working and raising her two sisters. Charlotte disliked her job and decided to leave in order to study French in Belgium. In Belgium, she met…show more content…
Jane Eyre’s critical analysis varied and changed from critic to critic. As a reader Jane Eyre was a brilliant and romantic for my self. One of many critics said that Jane Eyre “is one of the most powerful domestic romances which have been published for many years” (Allot 67). I believe that the romance in the book was passionate and a bit tragic. Mr. Rochester is the type of character that every girl wants to fall in love with, and Jane is such a simple and plain girl, and their romance is sort of a dream come true. I loved their romance because it wasn’t a typical fairy tale story, since they had to go through so much development and heart wrenching obstacles. Some critics however don’t have the best things to say about Jane Eyre, “Although most critics have praised Bronte's narrative technique, some have argued that the story of Jane Eyre is unrealistic” (Charlotte 1). Jane Eyre, while it might seem a bit unrealistic, is a brilliant story and as a reader I know I wanted what was best for Jane. I never thought while I was reading the book that the story was unrealistic. The situations that Jane is put through are supposed to seem a bit unrealistic to show the courage and passion that Jane possesses. I know that if I were to be ever put in a situation or situations like that I wouldn’t have responded the way that Jane did. Some critics even “doubted that a woman was capable of writing such a work”
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