Charlotte Danielson's Framework For Teaching Case Study

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Adopting in whole or in part Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, would be a significant culture change within my school. Many stakeholders would be involved and garnering their support could be potentially problematic. The culture in my school is such that the old ways are the best ways and change comes slowly. Success in this endeavor will require accurately identifying all stakeholders, and earning their support. The proposal to adopt the Framework for Teaching must first earn the approval and support of the administrative staff, who will now be expected to schedule pre-observation and post-observation collaborative meetings. Administrators will also be expected to allow the teacher to select the area for collaboration and professional development. At my school, the concept of collaboration to address a pre-determined area for teacher growth is unprecedented. Seeking the principal, as the instructional leader, is not the norm. There are concerns however, about the Framework, that will have to be addressed, and perhaps modified to fit the needs of my school. The requirement for the pre- and post-observation meetings adds to the length of the observation process, and adds additional burden to both teacher and principal for meeting time. Principals and teachers will have to undergo some professional development on the Framework so that…show more content…
The Superintendent should be made aware of such a significant change to the teacher supervision process. It would be important to have the Superintendent’s approval to implement this change. There is a uniform evaluation process in place in the Diocese, and the Superintendent’s approval would be required to implement a different process in my school. In fact, the Superintendent may not approve the Framework as a replacement for the current process, but instead might suggest we implement the Framework in addition to the current
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