Charlotte Doyle Character Analysis

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Could you imagine living in a world where there were things only men could do? Avi’s The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle displays the evidence that women can do, just as well, alleged “men only jobs.” After the beginning of a tireless journey, Charlotte comes to realize how ruthless Captain Jaggery truly is. It is then, that she decides she must become a crew member. Concluding her adventure along the Seahawk, Charlotte displays notable changes. She becomes quite independent and begins to enjoy doing things for herself. As a result of her positive changes, Charlotte also ends up being named captain of the ship. As Charlotte displays this, women are just as capable as men. As in the past, women were restricted to tending to a ship. That was a job of a man. However, Charlotte Doyle was not an ordinary young lady. She was daring and willing to do whatever it took to regain her relationships. Determined that Charlotte Doyle was. First, to become a crew member, Charlotte is challenged to climb the Royal Yard(the highest part of the ship). After she attempts to climb up and down, and make it back alive, Charlotte will be officially determined as a crew member. Undoubtedly, Charlotte completes the task with ease. Now, not only is Charlotte a crew…show more content…
Along her journey, Charlotte teaches herself new skills to improve the quality and develop her character. Her new skills teach her to be independent, do things for her own, and rely on herself. Now, she does things independently, such as, dressing and bathing herself, and doing her own “chores.” After she returns home, Charlotte realizes how she doesn’t apt to her familiar surroundings anymore, and how much change has occurred to her personality. She makes admirable, well thought through, clever decisions, such as when she decides to return to the Seahawk and mend to the ship, which means, of course, running away from her
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