Charlotte Frank Monologue

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She quickly spoke up and said, ‘Hello there, my name is Charlotte Jolynn, and I’m from round’ here’.

She spoke with a slight accent, sort of sophomoric and sweet. I learned fast that she had lots of money as her and I sat there for over 6 hours and talked about various subjects of life and she bought us over $180.00 dollars worth of mixed drinks and food to soak up our mutual habits. She talked me into coming back to her apartment with her as I was very intoxicated and my judgement skills weren’t in key. We walked 2 blocks south of Holland’s into what I think I remember to be a neighborhood. She took me inside and brought me a glass of water while I took my shoes off and was rubbed by her cat Ava. The house was very inviting, all of her appliances
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She hadn’t told me this before and I’m not sure why but I was truly amazed by this. I had always pictured people who won the lottery to be snobby or greedy, not interesting and humble. She was sweet and enticing, bringing me in like a honey bee to wildflowers. Her lust serenaded my soul like a siren song, pulling me in and holding me down. Soon things faded away as well as my memory of the rest of the night.

I woke up the next day to the movement of her hand across my chest. Everything was mellow and vivid to me; only sounds of solace. I had been aching, stressing, and loathing for a way to escape my pain and stress. I looked over to see a needle on the bed as well as a spoon with dark red burnt resin on it and a lighter. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to put 2 and 2 together. But I didn’t care, I was at solace with the world and I was numb to all I had known before. This strange woman had drugged me and I didn’t even care, I then came to my senses and quickly raced around the room gathering my belongings.

By the time I put my shoes on this mysterious woman finally reintroduced herself to me as I had no memory of who she was or what had
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