Charlotte Gray Monologue

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The man has a startled look in his eyes. I was sitting on the bench outside of the mall, waiting for my mother to finish up in line, as I noticed a small, star looking shape tattoo on his ring finger. As we make eye contact, the look soon started to fade. The man was sitting on the bench across from me. Out of all of the benches, he had to chose the one right in front of me? Hazel Grace Lancaster? A grin starts to appear on the man’s face. I look away, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the man’s eyes pierced towards me. Something started to shimmer as I tried looking away. It was a name tag. The name tag read Joe. I soon realized that his old, frightening eyes had been watching my every move. What is wrong with this man? I had been thinking…show more content…
He knew she had her phone in her purse, and he knew she was going to try and get help. Then, the car came to a complete stop, and the trunk popped open. The man grabbed Hazel, who is still unconscious, and carried her to what seemed to be his house. As he opened the door, he had set Hazel down in the living room couch. She soon started to become conscious, and she noticed two men standing around the kitchen counter. At first, she thought she was just seeing things because she was still a little hazy from hitting her head, but soon realized that there really were two men that looked exactly the same. She sat up on the couch to see if she recognized any of them. Hazel shortly became confused and misunderstood. She recognized one man that was from the mall, and the other one looked like the man from the mall as well. Immediately, she had the perfect match. They were twins. Suddenly, both of the men started pacing themselves towards Hazel. She noticed the same shiny glimmer she had seen at the mall. It was Joe. The man she had been scared of at the mall. Soon, the other man had come over, and his read John. Joe and John. Twins. As Hazel was still “unconscious”, they made their way back to the kitchen counter. As soon as they left, her eyes pierced open. She noticed that they had the same tattoo, and a note that lay on top of her. She opened it up, and started to
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