Charlotte Stanhope Essay

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The main purpose of this passage by author is to inform a main character who is Charlotte

Stanhope’s moral and her knowledge. Also it is about family trait of the Stanhopes. This novel talks

about plenty of sub-titles like characteristic, prejudice, church, religion and so on.

In the first segment, there are few points to know inside the first paragraph. Primarily, it elucidates

about neighbor and family’s think. In neighbor’s standpoint, they don’t recognize and abut are cold-

heartedness to them even though kin were very moderate and gratify. It means the family’s feeling did

not passed to the neighbor. But this house was not much known in the world. In the passage, we can

notice that the Stanhope attended neighbor a bit because of the words like
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In the last sentence of the first paragraph, ‘It is astonishing … to prevent the

well-being of the other four’ denotes that Charlotte Stanhopes family are going to aid them a lot.

At the second segment, it interprets about the elder daughter Charlotte Stanhope living in

Barchester and she is thirty-five years old but she reacted identical to a young woman. She wanted to

go back to a girlhood and youthful. In her house, she had managed all things but she did nothing.

Charlotte Stanhope was similar to a homeless person. But, the narrator said ‘She was a fine young

woman; and had she been a man, would have been a fine young man’. This sentence meant maybe

Charlotte Stanhope had a good responsibility and good at helping. However, inside this passage,

‘She, and she alone’ which author kept restating was to describe Charlotte Stanhope’s character. I

think she was really breezed to live. The author used words like ‘absurdities’ and ‘utter disrepute’ to

describe the foolishness.

In the third section, it continues talking about Charlotte Stanhope. The narrator explicates Charlotte

is not odious but she was not a genuine well-being. She had helped her father and advised him,
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