Charlotte Temple Essay

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The Tabloid of the Century (1800’s -1900’s) The general reason I think Charlotte Temple stayed on the best seller list for so many years is because the subjects that were discussed in the book were taboo in that day and time. Montraville was a soldier in the army who was about twenty three years old, and Charlotte was only fifteen. He was much older than Charlotte. Montraville influenced her in evil ways; he impressed her with his knowledge of love and the world by writing her a letter and giving it to her personally . Montraville knew this was forbidden but gave it to her anyway. “ Tis a romantic attempt,” said he,”and should I even succeed in seeing and conversing with her, it can …show more content…
There were continued instances of behavior that were unacceptable in that time. Montraville persuaded and tricked Charlotte into leaving her home and going with him when his father had warned him not to use a girl like this. “There is one thing I think it my duty to caution you against; the precipitancy with which young men frequently rush into matrimonial engagements, and by their thoughtlessness draw many a deserving women into scenes of poverty and distress. a soldier has no business to think of a wife till his rank is such as to place him above the fear of bringing into the world a train of helpless innocents, heirs only to penury and affliction. ... But mark me boy, if on the contrary, you rush into a precipitate union with a girl of little or no fortune, take the poor creature from a comfortable home and kind friends, and plunge her into all the evils a narrow income and increasing family conflict, I will leave you to enjoy the blessed fruits of your rashness; for by all that is sacred , neither my interest or fortune shall ever be exerted in your favor. I am serious , therefore imprint this conversations on your memory, and let it influence your future conduct”( Rowson 40). After the warning from his father, Montraville still kept seeing Charlotte. Montraville eluded
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