Charlotte's Eulogy For Emily

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On her way home, after classes in history and philosophy, Charlotte went to work at the school library and walked home from campus to her apartment. Once in her building, she checked the mail and noticed a single letter with a bulge in the middle.

When she removed the letter, it had written, in beautiful cursive hand writing, her name, 'Charlotte,' the words ‘Room 214’ on it. No full address, no return address, and certainly no stamp and no cancellation from the USPS. Charlotte knew, at this point, that someone had hand delivered this parcel of mail. But who?

Waiting to get up to her apartment, she nervously ripped open the letter (Charlotte had a tendency to keep her nails neat, yet trimmed so they were not making opening the letter any
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She decided not to go to classes on Sunday and called in sick at the university library. She did the same thing again on Tuesday and remained like a recluse in her apartment hoping to find an answer. Early Tuesday evening, she passed out and didn’t wake up until Wednesday morning.

Charlotte was drained of all emotion and in an almost robotic fashion, opened her laptop and executed the “Acceptance.exe” file and printed the address. She then wrote a short letter.

Wednesday, October 12

Dear Anonymous,

In order to protect my family, my friend, and others that I care about I am sending back an acceptance to your offer to keep a certain part of my past silent. You should know that I send this acceptance in protest and wish to say that a society that has someone as disgusting as you is a society in which I wish not to live in. This is beneath contempt and having no scruples, no morals, I suspect you have no trouble sleeping at night.

Charlotte DeWitt

Later that morning, on her way to the university, late for her first class, she stopped by the post office and mailed the letter and tried not to think about it for the time being. She also left her laptop at home, powered down and unplugged, not sure she ever wanted to use it
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