Charlottesville Protests Argument Analysis

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Since the beginning of the Internet’s birth as ARPANET in 1969, communication has improved massively. As with all great wonders there comes a cost-the Internet is slowly becoming much more regulated and observed. With the Internet, the government, whether it be local or national, is slowly progressing towards an Orwellian future. It is extremely difficult to situate borders for privacy, and that brings multiple questions to the table. Is it moral to allow people like white supremacists an unchecked platform to offer their ideas? Is it okay for the government to censor content it deems immoral? Will observing and profiling people actually help counter any threat of terrorism? In order for such significant issues to be dealt with, we the people must learn to adapt. …show more content…

Within a few weeks after these events, multiple Silicon Valley companies had employed different methods to remove any mention of the neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer. Consequently, Google had chosen to remove any links to the site and GoDaddy revoked the website domain name. Richard Spencer, a famous white supremacist, believes only the hands of the government can actually intervene with an issue of this scale. Jillian York, director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation feels that the morality of preventing certain people from having a platform should not be discussed at the moment, and on the contrary, there should be a conversation on “who gets to decide that.” Silicon Valley companies must be the party to provide a neutral ground for people across the belief spectrum. Networks should enforce rules and regulations strong enough to allow free speech for people with clashing viewpoints to debate

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