Charmaine Experiments: A Narrative Fiction

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"Well, we're going to try a different tactic to bring the information out of you since nothing else seems to work . . . " "Bring it on." "Since the information you possess must be important to our Association, we'll have to lock you up." The smallest muscle twitched in Charmaine's sharp jaw. It was faint, but I noticed it. "So . . . what good will that do?" Charmaine scoffed. "Well, we have different experiments we'll perform while you're here, hopefully getting the information out of you,” Aria paused and chuckled, “at first they will be experiments. If the experiment doesn’t work, then we have another form that we’ll use to get it out of you. By the time that we improve the machine if it didn’t work the first time and if you haven’t said…show more content…
A shower. You mean a shower?" "If that's what you Ultramarine people call it. Harry will escort you to the . . . 'showers'. Your evening meal will be sent to you through that slot." Aria told Charmaine. I watched as Aria and Brian walked through the clear force field. Charmaine approached the force field and placed her hand on it. It blocked her from exiting. She frowned. Aria turned toward me. "We're trusting you, Harry." I nodded. Aria told Brian to follow her. That might be the first and last time I would see Brian. They might just bring him down to a lower position instead of extricating him or killing him. Once Aria and Brian were out of sight, Charmaine cleared her throat. "So, Harry . . . I'm Charmaine--if you didn't already know. You're the newbie here, aren't you? I've been here so many times I feel like I've seen every escort person and interrogator. Well, I've never been locked up before. But I've been questioned far too many times," she laughed lightly, "I don't know why they bother anymore." She sighed lightly. "So . . . what about you?" She asked. I stared at the wall in front of me. Don't speak. "I think I like Brian better. He actually talks to…show more content…
She never told me how to unlock the force field. Minutes later, a humming sound filled the room and the force field was removed. I received a message on my port from Aria: The force field will automatically reappear once she crosses back into her chamber. Message me whenever she needs to go to the bathroom or for her nightly cleaning. I grabbed Charmaine's arm. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so rough buddy," she complained, yanking her arm away. I led her to the restrooms. There were no windows inside, so she couldn't escape. I stood outside the door, waiting for her to come back out. How long does it take to-- The door swung open and Charmaine sprinted out. I called out her name and bolted after her. My legs were slightly longer than hers, but this girl could run. Unfortunately for her, she turned into a dead end. I grabbed her arm as she let out a groan in disappointment, "it was worth a shot," she murmured. "And I really did go to the bathroom." "Mhmm," I groaned, becoming mildly annoyed. We quickly approached her chamber and I pushed her inside. The force field reappeared; just like Aria had told me. "Well. I'm going to go to sleep since I have nothing better to
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