Charmaine's Mistake: A True Story Of A Volcano

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This is a true story about a girl and her family escaping a volcano that happened in their area. It was June 9th in Hawaii when Charmaine and her family woke up to a really loud “BOOM” sound. They were all very scared. Charmaine’s mother told the two girls to stay inside while she checked. As her mother went outside, she saw that the whole area was outside...SCARED! Their mother was very confused, but when she looked around, she saw it as well. Her face went pale as a ghost. In no time at all, she ran inside and started telling the girls to pack up their valuables.
First of all, What was that loud “Boom” sound? That was an active volcano. It was a very big, and scary volcano.
After a little while, Charmaine finally gathered up the courage to ask her mom, “Why are we packing our stuff?”
“We’re packing our stuff because that volcano just erupted, and we need to go to safety.”
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After walking an hour, they finally came to a place where they would rest. They weren’t sure where they were, but when their mother had seen some signs she immediately yelled excited, “Oh, this is where your aunt’s house should be. We could stay here until we find ourselves a proper house!”
“Yes, mom, that’s a great idea,” Charmaine’s little sister exclaimed. After a little walking, they had found the house, and knocked in it. Their aunt opened it, and said they could stay with them. After a little bit, Charmaine’s dad came safely, and after a few months, they got a new home away from volcanos. All in all, this is the story of Charmaine and her family surviving the erupting volcano. Although, this had been a really scary and dangerous experience, Charmaine wants to go back to her old house. And as for the people that didn’t want to move ended up moving as well. Charmaine hopes that their aren’t any erupting volcanos soon because she doesn’t want anyone or anyone’s family to experience
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