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Project Charter Model Sample

Here is a sample project charter to get you started. This project charter was created for the corporate employee recognition framework.

Project Charter

|1.0 Project Identification |
|Name |Employee Recognition Framework |
|Description |Design, develop and implement the employee recognition framework |
|Sponsor |
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ce |
|Element of the Public Service Commission’s Business Plan for 2006/2007 |
|Complements and builds upon existing departmental recognition activities |
|Complements corporate human resource values |
|Element of performance management |

|3.0 Project OBJECTIVES (purpose) |
|Overall, to create a workplace culture that includes regular recognition and feedback |
|To recognize employees for their high-quality service and commitment to public service |
|To reinforce linkages between employee performance and department business goals to achieve corporate goals |
|To develop tools, guidelines and support for departments to assist with departmental recognition
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