Charter School Enrollment Analysis

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• Public School Choice
Weinstein and Hastings examined experiments on public school choice and found that informed parents were more likely to place their children in public schools of choice that high academic achievement and that their students would receive increased academic achievement as a result (2008). In a similar study it was found that public school choice left minority students disadvantaged (Baxter, Godwin & Southworth, 2006). As this study seeks to understand why family’s choose novice charter schools, which are public schools of choice, the study’s mentioned will serve to aid in gaining a knowledge of academic achievement as a potential factor in parent choice.
• Charter School Politics
The history of charter school has been shaped through political legislation in the United States. Viteritti analyzed the charter schools as they have spread across the country while Black’s study focused on the public good of charter schools in the U.S. (2005, 2013). These studies of politics and how it is changing the U.S. education system will aid this research as it provides a background of why charters exist as and where they do today.
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The influence on public school performance as related to this transition of students as they enroll in charter schools will be supported by Marlow’s research which was based in this area
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