Charter School Vs Public School Essay

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There are three inevitable things in life if you have kids: taxes, death, and sending your kid to school. When most families move, they look for things like distance from their work, the class and safeness of the neighborhood the house is in, and the quality of the school their kids would be attending. Parents want to see their kids be successful and education plays a key role in their future achievements. The obstacles most people encounter is that they cannot decide which school to send their kids. They do not even know which type of school to send them. Public schools seem to be the route that many families opt to choose. Public schooling consists of two main types: grade schools, such as district controlled school, or charter schools. Most parents often wonder “which school has been proven more” or “which school is right for my…show more content…
Some solutions were to decrease class sizes to increase one-on-one help for student. For this to happen Charter schools could not have as many students enrolled. This translated into having enrolled student averages between charter and traditional school differ by close to 350 kids. According to “Charter Schools vs. Traditional Public Schools” Charter Schools average about 137 students attending their school and traditional schools have around 475 students enrolled. As a result of this, charter schools are able to reach “At-Risk” kids and prevent dropouts. Kids do not have to move on to the next grade in a charter school. Traditional schools organize grade levels by age. Most of the students in each grade are close to the same age with a few exceptions to the rule. In these charter schools, age may vary across the grades (“Charter Schools vs. Traditional Public Schools”). This is due to the focus on learning as opposed to test grades which is what Sarah Kass and Ann Connelly Tolkoff wanted as teachers. Kass and Tolkoff saw that Minnesota’s legislator, Ember Reichgott Junge, started
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