Charter Schools : A Public School Or A Charter School?

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Every parent wants a good education for their child no matter if the school is a public school or a charter school. The passing of this ballot will allow the approval of twelve new charter schools or enrollment to increase by 1% statewide in already existing charter schools by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education each year. Hearing about charter schools expanding would gain the supporters of those who have a child on a waiting list. There are those who already have a child in a public school and worries that passing this law will cause their school to lose many privileges. As I did my research of charter schools, reading and listen to the thoughts of those that support or oppose the ballot question helped me in making my decisions of answering yes or no to this ballot.
The biggest concern that everybody has is funding. How does charter schools gain their funding? I learned that most of the funding comes the public schools. Every parent wants a good education for their child whether they attend a public school or a charter school. Stated in Schuster’s 2015 article, “tuition payments are roughly equal to average per pupil spending in the sending district (the district where a student resides and would otherwise have attended the traditional public school).” For example, if 100 students from one district attend a charter school and its 12,000 dollars per student that district has to pay 1,200,000 dollars to the charter school.
A debate at Umass Boston Walsh a
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