Charter Schools Are The Best Schools

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Charter schools offer much more than public schools do, like smaller classrooms and extended one-on-one time. Charter schools are “independent entities that have received a charter, which is a set of self-written rules (and promises) about how the school will be structured and run” (Pascual, 2016, The Truth About Charter Schools). This means that they have their own rules that work for the children and meet their individual needs. The schools could change the rules, as generations change, to accommodate different students. With the unity and numbers of millennials, charter schools could be known as the best type of schools for students to succeed in future colleges and jobs. In my essay I will back up Cahn and Cahns’ prediction that millennials have what it takes to make it well known that charter schools are the best schools. Extending on the main claim that charter schools are the best schools is David and Jack Cahns’ book, When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America. In their chapter “Better Schools: Investing in our future,” they are trying to enlighten political campaign organizers about the millennials’ future actions and beliefs. David and Jack Cahn are millennial activists and journalists whose book was publicized by Post Hills Press in 2014. Their whole book covers present day events like running presidents and problems with debt, school reform, and the controversy on legalizing of Marijuana. Just recently some of theses events changed from present to
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