Charter Schools Vs Public Schools

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Charter schools are defined as a publicly funded school, established as an autonomous institution with educational goals set by it board, and operating by contract or charter with local school board or state. ( Since these schools are privatized, many parents believe they are somehow better performing than neighborhood public schools. Charter schools rely on convincing data to justify the practice of privatizing schools, data that shows high performing students. However, they hide the fact that they often shun away minority students, financially disadvantaged students, and students with learning disabilities.
The privatization of schools allows for students to be left behind by the educational system. These children are usually from low income communities which further degrades their chances from obtaining a higher education. These schools have reverted to practices that could be seen as discriminatory thus promoting the racial segregation of students. In “How messed up is California’s charter school sector? You won’t believe how much.”, Valerie Strauss found that “more than 20 percent of all California charter schools have enrollment policies that violate state and federal law”. Charter schools have since lost their credibility to educate America 's youth but instead take the public 's taxes for their own personal benefit. Charters were funded 1992 which was quickly seen as a new and innovative alternative to public education. They were deemed better than public…
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