Charter Schools Vs. School Schools

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To quote Jonathan Stith, “Where you see the charters providing an avenue of escape for some, it hasn’t been for the majority,” (Zernike 4). In some cities charter schools are educating more that half the students in some American cities (Zernike 1). These charter schools make promises to parents and students that are hard to pass up in many cities, where public education is lacking and private education is out of reach for many. Charter schools exist all across America, in forty-two states and Washington D.C.(Oliver). These charter schools promise choice, opportunities for better and safer education, as well as strive to to close the achievement gap occurring in schools across America. (Oliver). The question is: are charter schools living up to this promise? I believe that many charter schools are failing to follow through on these promises and, that changes should be made in order to provide a more genuine source of educational opportunity to students across America. The first promise of charter schools I would like to focus on is that on choice. While charter schools offer a lot of choice there is still no good choice (K Zernike 1.) Charter schools typically pop up most frequently in urban areas often where they are unneeded. Charter schools will set up wherever space is available, sometimes within blocks from each other according to Kate Zernike, “making it easier to find a charter school than to buy a carton of milk,” (K Zernike 1). A good example of this is in

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