Charter Schools Vs Traditional Public Schools

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Charter Schools vs Traditional Public Schools Charter schools are an alternative to traditional public schools, but are often viewed as the superior option in comparison to the traditional public school route. By definition, charter schools are a publicly funded and privately ran school under the charter of an educational authority. These types of schools are held to different types of standards than most traditional public schools with freedom to explore unique methods of educating children. According to pro side of the debate, charter schools are necessary. Education is not always a ‘one size fits all’ (Genma Holmes). The neighborhood traditional public school is not necessary always the best environment for every child simply because traditional public schools are designed to meet the needs of the general population. However, charter schools provide students who do not fit in with the traditional public schooling system an alternative educational route. Dennis Jenkins believes that traditional public schools also have a monopoly over public education. As a result, these monopolies are not motivated to change and improve because of the lack of competition. Charter schools are the solution to this problem. They serve the purpose of encouraging public schools to compete for financial dollars, which spur positive changes across the board in public education. On the contrary, many educators feel otherwise and believe that charter schools should in fact,
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