Charter Schools vs. Public Schools Essay

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Charter Schools vs. Public Schools
Are charter schools the right choice to the educational needs of our children? Charter schools are tuition free public schools created and operated by parents, organizations, and community groups to fill student’s educational needs. Charter schools consider educating their students as the priority, and identify how children’s learning needs are different from each other, so they came up with different ways on educating their students such as learning in small groups, or by participating in hands on learning. Along with their unique programs such as art, math, and science, charter schools are also the stronger academic choice for students. Parents should consider charter schools for their children’s education. “Charter schools are independent public schools allowed to innovate while being held accountable for improving student achievements” (Edie, 2012, p.1). Charter schools are the best choice for a child’s education.
According to Edie (2012), “Charter schools are public schools because they operate independently of the school district” (Edie , 2012, p.1). Charter schools were developed because of the struggle of educational needs of public schools in educating students. They Charter schools are designed to be free to set their own operating hours and curriculum. They also strive to boost student achievement by giving students more time in the classroom, and also can offer classes in the evening, weekends, and into the summer months.…