Chartered Management Institute Report Review

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CMI Report Review Introduction A research can be defined as the systematic inquiry conducted with an objective of testing a hypothesis, evaluating knowledge or searching for new information. To ensure that the outcome of a research is valid, researchers must ensure that the processes followed minimize errors, inconsistencies, and anomalies that are capable of impairing the findings. In conducting a research therefore; the process must be closely monitored and any potential problem mitigated to eradicate significant errors or deviations. Discussion In the case, of the research that was conducted by the chartered business management on business continuity and supply chain management, several anomalies can be detected; errors, inconsistencies, or misleading methods can be identified. First, the low respondent rate raises eyebrows on the validity of the process. In this case, only 13.5% of the questionnaire were respondent to, that is, out of 5000 managers only 674 managers were able to respond to the questionnaire successfully. This could therefore mean that the questionnaires were complexly designed and therefore the managers were unable to respond to the questions. It could also imply that the managers were not given enough periods to make their response or questions that were being asked could give some insider information on the businesses hence making the managers unwilling to respond(Zikmund, 2010). The use of post as the only way of submitting the questionnaire

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