Chartoff Publishing: El Diablo E-Book Case

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The Case of “El Diablo” E-Book MAN 104: Ethical and Moral Issues in Business and Management “NO, I WOULD NOT.” The Chartoff Publishing is as good as any other commercial publishing house doing business, to release their own e-book, the El Diablo Series as long as it is legal. And if they do not, then they should consider drafting a new Articles of Incorporation for the rebirth of a new business. And since I am the one making the call, yes, we might just do that. Changing the Articles of Incorporation might sound far too drastic and exaggerated for the purpose of resolving the ethical dilemma of the subject case study but it is enough to drive the point home. There was no very clear indication on how vulgar or obscene the El…show more content…
As far as the media being an accomplice for violence is concerned, El Diablo cannot claim originality on that one if it has been released. Why? Consider Stephen King’s Rage as an example. It is said to have inspired several of the most brutal school shooting in America and yet we know Stephen King as one of the best authors out there. So is the book the perpetrator behind? No. It turned out that these students who committed the massacres are victims of bullying and are already broken enough with psychopathic tendencies. The point here is: we earn our values in this cruel and violent world. We are free to be influenced or not. So would I sell that product? For most part I am divided. If I try to rationalize the idea of selling the product, I become aware that the market is already saturated by the rampant violent and sensual themes of movies, video games and printed books that may even be far worse than the series I am about to release. So why the hesitation? To be honest, I initially decided to sell the product concluding that “what difference it would make to pull out one e-book series from the foray?” After all, the Americans are not as conservative as we want them to be. Compared from the rest of the mainstream media, the El Diablo series might even get a “for children” review. The hesitation probably lies on the tendency of this product to

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