Chase Bank : A Bank

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Chase Bank is a national bank and constitutes the consumer and commercial subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase. Chase Bank traces its origins to Manhattan Bank, created by Aaron Burr (The History of JP Morgan Chase & Co., 2008, p.2). Chase was the first tenant at the Rockefeller Center and was later on led by David Rockefeller in the 1960’s (Wilson, 1986, p.87). The famous Bank One became part of Chase in 2014, and the regrettable Washington Mutual, under receivership, was sold to Chase at a bargain during the crisis of 2008 (The History of JP Morgan Chase & Co., 2008, p.19).
An evolved brand
Chase has more than 5,500 branches and 18,000 ATMs and holds approximately over $2.6 trillion in assets (Get More from Your Banking Relationship, 2014, p.2). JP Morgan Chase is often called the leader of the pack among the “Big Four” banks (King 2015). In recent years the bank has embarked on a major expenditure program to keep up to date with technological advances and consumer change of taste. The trend is digitalization of the banking experience, which enables customers to bank from their smartphone and/or computer. Chase has invested heavily on its smartphone application and online banking platform. In which chase has become the #1 most visited banking portal in the U.S and #1 Mobile banking functionality for 3 consecutive years (Smith 2015). In addition, Chase has expanded the capabilities of its ATM stock. On this new platform, wires can be sent via personal computer, funds
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