Chase Lavigne: A Short Story

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Who am I? Am I eighteen year old Chase LaVigne, high school student? No, I’m something more than that, if nothing else I am an artist. It’s a part of my identity. I’ve been drawing as long as I can remember, because I tried to like my old brothers. When my older brother, Sterling, was five years old, I was one, he’d pick up a paper and pencil and draw, I would do my best to copy him by picking up a crayon and scribbling. I wanted to just like him; I wanted to be able to draw. Years went by, day by day, paper by paper, I drew relentlessly. However, despite my many attempts, I saw no progression what so ever. Until one faithful day, thirteen long years ago. “Mommy! But I”- my sentence was cut short. “Honey, please? Shut up!” my mother…show more content…
I had enough, I stood up; looking my mother in the eyes and raised the picture to her gaze. “Chase! I told-” she stopped herself, analyzed my paper. My heart grew with excitement and joy. “Chase… this is incredible! You drew Godzilla!” my mother seemed to say proudly. “Do you like it?” I asked confidently. “I love it!” my mother exclaimed. My mom would usually say that she would “love” my artwork. However this time it was different, she knew what it was. She really did, pure happiness filled me. The time I spent drawing seemed to have paid off; in my heart, I knew this is something I will do for the rest of my life. Years past, seasons changed, and with every passing day I drew more and more. Now here I sit, at age eighteen many things have changed, but one with remains the same, my passion for my art. It was the start of a bright future. It ignited the flame that will burn for an eternity. Every sketch, every line, every contour, helped pave the very path I still continue to walk on. This quest has taken me on several different artistic adventures throughout my life. With each victory my talents grew stronger and with each failure I grew wiser. Art contests came and went by, each time I’d place higher or win a bigger prize, but honestly nothing truly challenged
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