Chased by the Dark Figure

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They’re three siblings that can’t be seperated. Alex is two years older than the twin John and Sam. Eventhough John and Sam are twins, they don’t look the same at all. John is tall and he has short blond straight hair. While Sam is shorter and his hair are short blond and curly. Alex is really pretty. She’s a cheerful sixteen years old girl. She got light blue eyes. Her hair is straight blond and a little bit wavy at the bottom. She really like to smile and always nice to everybody.
One hot day, they decided to play in the lake. The lake is in the middle of the wood near their home. They need half an hour to cross the woods and arrive at the lake. Birds are singing their little songs. Alex skip happily in front of her two naughty brother. They brought the perfect thing to have a picnic with. Some sandwiches,juices, and some board game to ease the day. After half an hour of walking, they finnaly arrived at the lake. The lake are clear blue and it sparkles reflecting the sun hot rays. The water are cold and clear. Some fishes are swimming there. They play, eat , drink, and talk for almost four hours. Then they got tired. The found a spot in the grass, lay their heads and sleep.
Alex wake up seeing that the sun is gone. They promise their mother to be home before sunset. So they rush, and start packing and walk fastly towards the wood.The woods are different from the morning. It’s quiet. Too quiet. There’s no birds singing or squirrel dancing in the…
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