Chasing The Dragon Analysis

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Chasing the Dragon, a documentary produced by Jim Comey and Chuck Rosenberg, was is intended to inform young men and women across the world about the prescription drug and heroin epidemic. This film displays the horrific journey many teens and young adults have gone through, all starting with a drug called marijuana and graduating to other harmful and extremely dangerous narcotics. In the beginning of the film, Comey and Rosenberg show clips of people struggling with the addictive drugs and their distraught parents trying to get them through the pain they are experiencing. Sarah, one of the interviewees, was prescribed oxycodone by her doctor after an accident. After returning to refill too many times her doctor refused to prescribe more resulting in buying oxycodone off of the street. With oxycodone being too expensive she was introduced to heroin by a friend, getting a higher quantity for far less than what oxycodone was priced at. The purpose of Chasing the Dragon is to inform people how heartbreaking drug abuse and losing a loved one to drug abuse is. It also informs people that marijuana will be the first, but certainly not the last drug of abuse for anyone. Marijuana is a gateway drug and after a short time it won’t be enough. You’ll continue to search for a high, or “Chase the Dragon”, until your wants are fulfilled, but many times they won’t be resulting in a fatal overdose or death. This film uses the rhetorical strategy Pathos. I believe they chose this
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