Chasing The Hottest It : Effects Of Information Technology On Organizations

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A Critical Review of “Chasing the hottest IT: Effects of Information Technology Fashion on Organizations” Introduction In his article “Chasing the hottest IT: Effects of Information Technology Fashion on Organizations”, Paul Wang seeks to examine the effects that IT fashion has on organizations. He collected data from 109 Fortune 500 companies, and this helped him to establish that the firms that were reputable for implementation of IT fashions in the media did not particularly experience higher performance, especially in the short term. Paul Wang’s article used easily comprehensible language and presented the results in an impressive manner. However, the methodology used in obtaining the data and subsequently the results was heavily dependent on independent commercial firm and this thus raises credibility questions. Summary There has been consistent evolution of new technologies and managers are faced with the tough choice of deciding whether new technologies are merely passing fads or important “next big things”. There is a big difference between these two types of technologies. A passing fad will often attract high amounts of interest and attention and trigger embellished expectations concerning its benefits during its short lived stint. However, the next big things in IT, are usually important innovations that potentially transform organizational practices and performances hence are widely adopted and institutionalized. Nevertheless, both types of technologies have to…
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