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In the novel Chasten the Blind by Kyle Woodend, the main villain and theme smoothly integrate together to create a compelling storyline and thoughtful arguments to ponder. The book is written in the dual point of views of Andy Chopak and Norah Hazel. Within the novel, Andy Chopak is excitedly awaiting a letter from Wisco Stock, where he had applied for an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, Andy was turned down and spirals into destructive behaviour. Harmlessly, he moves out from his parents home then quickly develops a bad habit of using, lying and hurting people around him. The turning point of this behaviour happened when Andy physically abuses his manager after he learns he's being let-off work just days following the suicide of his fellow co worker. Correspondingly with Andy, is the plot of Norah Hazel, who has found out she is pregnant. However without knowing it she gets tied up in Andy’s deceit, who also happens to be the father of her baby. One by one lies begin to unravel and Andy is left facing them all and coming to terms with what these lies have costed him.
Andy Chopak is the first character introduced in the novel and immediately he is written to draw in trust from the reader. This trust is later to be betrayed once it is apparent by his attention to detail, quick thinking and ruthlessness that he is practiced in psychological manipulation. Although Andy is practiced and lethal in manipulation he does have certain lines and barriers in which he will not cross for they go against his personal morals. One of his morals is against stealing “as he hated thieves,” (Woodend 79). Yet he is extremely determined and stubborn when things out of his control mess with his plan and in these situation he breaks many morals that any sane person would value above all others. One thing that Andy does that he claims is aligned with his personal philosophy is murdering his own parents. Although his reason to kill his parents is so that he can inherit their money to start his life back up again, it’s still a societal amoral thing to do. However, Andy doesn’t see that, he sees that he needs money, and he sees his parents with money, therefore, the only logical thing to do in his mind is to murder his parents with

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