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1.0 Introduction Marketing strategies plays a crucial role in the process of forming a successful company or organization. A company or organization which has excellent marketing strategies and good strategic planning will perform better than those companies who are using a poor marketing strategies. As Chatime Malaysia was one of the top beverages companies in Malaysia, thus we choose it as our topic of study. Based on this study, we can more understanding and figure out how Chatime Malaysia carry out their marketing activities. The organization can actually know where and how to concentrate their commercial efforts through the marketing strategies which include market segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP). Throughout this…show more content…
Now, it has rapidly expansion over 800 retail outlets across countries like Taiwan, China, India, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Dubai, Canada, UK, Philippines, United States, Australia and also included Malaysia. The first Chatime in Malaysia opened is on Oct 2010. Chatime is a wonderful brand name because it means “Sunrise” in Chinese (refer to figure 1) which also refers to the president of Chatime brand Mr. Henry Wang’s goal of having a cup of Chatime in every place that has sunrise. Besides that, it also has a double meaning. The first meaning is (Chat-time) a place to socialize with friends and family, while the other meaning is (Cha-Time) which means tea time. Chatime has modernized the traditional Taiwanese tea culture because of combining a team of professional tea testers and 30 years of the tea production. Furthermore, the company uses the highest quality ingredients to deliver a fresh and great tea tasting experience. Apart from it, Chatime has become a household craving in Malaysia and the CEO of Chatime Malaysia is Mr Bryan Loo. Bryan Loo is the one who brought this delicious fresh tea franchise over from Taiwan to Malaysia in October 2010 and he had won the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur of The year 2013 Malaysia Awards for his successful endeavor. In the span of 2 years, Chatime Malaysia has opened many outlets and also become the no.1 bubble tea brand. Today, Malaysia has 105 Chatime
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