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The target market is the basis for creating a marketing mix to satisfy the needs of the market. It is the in-depth research into the characteristics of the target market and it consist of product, pricing, promotion and place.
Based on graph above, the research found out that majority of Chatime’s customers are between the age of 18 to 22, which is 25 out of 50 persons. Other than that,the second highest range of chatime customers age are below the 18, which is 14 out of 50 persons. The target market of Chatime is probably the college age students and post graduate individuals. They are mostly from the urban areas and care about trends and enjoying good lifestyle.
A company`s product is an important variable in the marketing mix. If a
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Customers will usually relate price-quality together. They feel that the price they paid is worth for it. Quality of the beverage in Chatime can maintains high because unlike any others, Chatime use high-tech tea making. They ensure that all teas are maintained in high quality with three principles: temperature, humidity and timing. Their machines require only a few steps with simple instructions. To make a tasteful and refreshing drink, workers are required to press only a button. Tea are also kept in temperature around 20-30oc for safety purpose. Nonetheless, the workplaces and products are ensured in high standard of hygiene.
“Individuals who associate quality with a high price are likely to purchase products with well-established and recognizable brand name.”

Brand name is important for customers to identify and differentiate it with the other similar products. Customers are willing to pay higher price for the product that has brand name. The survey shows that 58% of respondents are taking well –known brand name as a consideration for their purchasing decision. Thus, Chatime ,this brand name has become a consideration for teenagers and young adults as a place to have a cup of milk tea or other beverages. Drinking beverage from Chatime is a long term trend and it becomes popular among the youth as Chatime had established and literally become a trendy mark in Malaysia.
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