Essay on Chattanooga Ice Cream Case Study

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Chattanooga Case Analysis
Stacy Kelley
Jack Welch Management Institute
Dr. Denis P. Tocci
JWMI 510
November 16, 2014
This analysis will apply my understanding of the Chattanooga Ice Cream (CIC) case and will describe how I would apply the concepts and principles learned so far in JWMI 510, Leadership in the 21st Century. A review of the team dysfunction and how the President and General Manager, Charlie Moore, contributed to that dysfunction will be shared. This case study will also cover what the CIC management team could do better to understand the perspectives of each other and their boss. Specific recommendations will be made regarding what Moore should do to aid his team to work together and to resolve conflicts
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Moore seemed to be lacking in the four main areas/pre-requisites for leadership which are (Gonos; Gallo, 2013):
1-Know yourself
2-Know the employees and understand them
3-Have knowledge and skills of using management methods and procedures
4-Display the behavior of a manager that corresponds to the situation.
Moore also lacks in the 4E and 1P Framework that should be used constantly, especially in his position (Winning, 2005). He does not have positive energy and did not energize others. He does not seem to have the edge or courage to make tough decisions and most of all, he and his team seem to struggle on what to execute. He lacks the passion needed to energize his team and motivate them to work as a team on the important items. Moore contributes to the team’s dysfunction on multiple levels.

What the CIC Management Team could do better to understand the perspectives of each other and their boss
The first step of the CIC management group should be to admit they are not a true team and then understand why this is true. They can then utilize multiple tools to help them understand their individual preferences of communication, leadership and conflict management which will prepare them for the work required to overcome the dysfunctions of a team (Lencioni, 2002). Some of the tools I would suggest that they use would be the DiSC Assessment to understand their management styles and the need to change their styles depending on the
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