Chatting with Anonymous People Online

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Chatting With Anonymous People Online Cadella Porter English II August 17, 2013 Long time ago people would meet they significant other in high school, and they would fall in love and stay together. They are many ways people meet, some goes to bars, nightclub, church, work, and online sites. Meeting people face to face can be over whelming for some. Meeting someone online may seem unreal for others but for some reason people are leaning more to meeting people online. Meeting people online can have some bad outcome or good ones. It just depends on the person, many cases being truthful and being open .minded plays a big role in meeting someone. Can meeting someone online be a positive source of online dating? When meeting…show more content…
Online dating is’nt so bad after all, you get to know the person better on an intellectual rather than sexual. Holding a more intellectual conversation, you get to know the other persons likes and dislike what buttons you can or can’t push. I would recommend online dating to my friends just as I was referred to it myself. It was a good life experience and I never expected to meet my life partner and best friend. Works Cited mascaro, R. M. (2012, January 12). Retrieved from McPhee, M. (2010, August 15). abcnews. Retrieved from abc news:
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